Qualities and Advantages

Elham-Q Malaysia Sdn Bhd will always be dedicated to producing food products that are clean, safe as well as with the highest quality by adhering to the food safety recommendation by the Ministry of Health Malaysia as well as JAKIM which concerns the aspect of food preparation according to the Shariah Law. This is also to assure that every measure taken in the production of the Sufi goods comply with local and international standards. We are certain that the process of quality improvements will be our continuous efforts as customer satisfaction is indispensable for us.


Halal Commitments

Elham-Q Malaysia Sdn Bhd through its products of Sufi Brand has passed the standards of HALAL JAKIM and the imported goods under the brand Sufi also have been confirmed their HALAL status by the recognized organization by JAKIM including HALAL THAILAND AND HALAL INDONESIA. We will always monitor the credentials of this recognition is applicable throughout and we will constantly cooperate with the necessary organization for every product under Sufi Brand.   


Below are the precedents of actions that have been practiced:-

  1. To warrant that all the raw materials required in the processing and making the products are HALAL.
  2. To ensure that all of our products are certified as HALAL by JAKIM.
  3. To secure that the production system is clean and free from non-halal materials. 
  4. The manufacturing operation including the processing machines is following the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).
  5. Our companies’ i.e Elham-Q Thailand Pte Ltd which is operational in Bangkok, Thailand, and PT. Elham-Q Indomas in Bekasi, Indonesia was also given these responsibilities to ensure that all of our products are manufactured according to international standards.